April 2008: A Second Chance at Fixing Old Problems

April begins with Ceres forming a quincunx to Pluto on April 1st. While newly defined a dwarf planet by astronomers, the influence of Ceres has strongly been felt throughout this year. Ceres represents the need to understand that compromise is important in life. Initially there is a desire to fight for what you want. Yet, as you stay in combat you start realizing that destruction can occur around you. So, the only solution is to find a way to make peace. And, the only way to make peace is through compromise. When it forms a quincunx to Pluto, it means that others try to exert their power over you. This puts you into a dilemma. Continuing the battle only means all parties lose. Letting the other person manipulate you into a compromise that only benefits them means you lose. To use this energy in a positive way, understand your goals, stick to those goals, and find a way that your goals are just as important to the other person. It’s very important to make peace today because on the following day, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde.

Normally Pluto turning retrograde isn’t important because it is such a slow moving energy. However, this year Pluto turning retrograde is very significant. Pluto entered Capricorn on January 25, 2008 indicating the start of major paradigm shifts affecting the world’s economy, power structures, and daily life. (See the January 2008 article for more information on this paradigm shift.)

Normally when a slow moving planet enters a new sign, it tends to only go into that sign for a few degrees. That’s the case with Pluto. After it entered Capricorn it only went up to 1º. That’s only the beginning of the energy of Pluto in Capricorn. But because Pluto is turning retrograde, this means that it will re-enter the sign of Sagittarius from June until November 2008 when it finally returns to Capricorn and stays there for 16 years.

It’s as if the spiritual being realizes that sudden paradigm shifts are too much to handle for humans. Between January and now, Pluto was in Capricorn. You started seeing the results of what the paradigm shift will bring:

  • The mortgage market with its subprime loans started a meltdown that is still continuing. This meltdown put various banks and other corporations into financial jeopardy which is just beginning to be seen publicly.
  • The US dollar (US$) started its slide to the point that various retail operations in the United States are actually accepting, or preferring to accept, the Euro for currency.
  • Various companies in the United States suffering financial difficulties are looking outside of the United States for financial protection. They are contacting potential investors from other countries and receiving these investments, or they are selling parts of their businesses to financial investors from other countries.
  • Oil prices increasing and continuing to rise. There are many reasons for this, but one is the decreased value of the US$. Another reason is the increased industrialization of countries such as China and India leading to an increase energy demand.
  • More products being produced in various countries, each with their own standards which may or may not be up to the standards of the countries receiving the goods. Therefore recalls continue with these products.
  • Increased communication with people throughout the world as technology improves for the use of wireless equipment.
  • Continued searches for products that can be produced with fewer resources in order to save the resources that are found in the world today.

The list continues. This list is just a short sample of the major areas where you’re already seeing the paradigm shift.

As Pluto turns retrograde and actually re-enters Sagittarius, you have an opportunity to look at all these changes and determine what you need to do with your life in order to live with these changes:

  • The days of easy credit are now in the past. While various financial institutions are still playing with credit rates, you’ll need to find ways to finance your life as you live it.
  • Globalization of the world is here to stay. It’s going to be difficult to isolate yourself from new concepts. Instead it will become more important for you to understand your ethical boundaries and fit those new concepts into your ethical system.
  • The escalating costs for energy will continue until new means of energy are developed or even found. But even there you’ll need to be cautious of the price that you to pay because right now many of the costs with energy innovations are actually higher in price and ecological damage than the old methodologies.

Spiritually this is a blessing. You can think about the changes and determine what you need to do in your life to live with these changes. Also, during this retrograde period you can correct some of those errors you made in life. You’ll even find that some of those opportunities you missed are suddenly resurfacing in your life and giving you a second chance. Some of these chances may not be on a global level but they will be in your personal life and with various relationships in your life. You’ll start feeling it now; and, this experience will continue until November 2008.

Mercury enters Aries on this same day and creates the energy of a cardinal Grand Cross which lasts until the 13th of April. It begins this Grand Cross by forming a square to Pluto a few hours after Pluto turns retrograde. When Mercury enters Aries, information travels fast. When a cardinal Grand Cross occurs, there’s a need to take action. The combination can either be very positive or very detrimental, depending on how you use this energy. In the negative, this could be a crisis with the stock market because too much information is coming out and the stock market doesn’t like the unknown. That creates chaos for investors. In the positive, release of information can finally settle matters and create clarity. For the next few days, you may feel overwhelmed with all the information that’s being released. And, you may be called upon to make decisions with little time to consider all the facts. If that’s the case, use your experience or the experience of advisors to make the best determinations you can. You may be surprised to find there are people who can help you come up with the best solutions.

The new Moon that occurs on April 6th, with both Sun and Moon in Aries, emphasizes the cardinal energy of this month. It comes close to creating a cardinal T-square that is formed with Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn. While the new Moon is a chart emphasizing new beginnings, this new Moon actually emphasizes old information surfacing from as far back as September 2007. If you have new beginnings in your life, they are actually based on getting a second chance to correct some problems you encountered over the last six months of your life.

Economically the federal government is focusing on correcting problems in the credit and housing markets. Globally more corporations are trying to find ways to correct problems with products. Personally you can correct problems with relationships and family members, as well as your personal finances. You’ll feel a sense of urgency to get things right. Yet it’s very important that you don’t succumb to that sense of urgency. It’s more important that you place priorities on what’s important and take on one project at a time. Even the weather is going to be strange throughout this month. One day the weather will be fine and wonderful. Another day there will be more turmoil and rain.

On the following day, Venus enters Aries, forming a square to Pluto and beginning another cardinal Grand Cross. Venus is in its detriment when in Aries, meaning that you’ll feel a sense of discomfort as things are moving too fast. You may feel other people are trying to force you into making decisions about situations that you’re really not ready to make. Or, you may feel that other people are making the decisions for you. Emotionally it’s important for you to remember how important you really are and what a wonderful person you are. Perhaps this would be a great day to do something special, like socialize with friends or family. Or, perhaps you may want to have a spa day where others pamper you and all you do is relax.

On April 10th, Mercury forms a square to Mars and on April 13th, Mercury forms a square to Jupiter. When Mercury moves away from that square to Jupiter, the cardinal Grand Cross that was created by Mercury comes to an end. The amount of information you receive starts slowing down. You’ll feel as if you can take time before making any more decisions. Things settle down. But between April 10th and 13th, you still need to be careful.

During those three days, you may say things out of anger because you’re frustrated with events in the world or your life. While it may be difficult, trying to maintain silence can actually work in your favor. Others may rant and rave around you. You’ll be tempted to get sucked into their scenarios. Yet, getting involved in any arguments will only work to your detriment.

On a global level, there could be more difficulties in the travel industry. The travel industry needs to re-evaluate the safety of equipment and the impact of rising oil prices. More planes may be kept off the schedule causing difficulties for the airline industries and you the traveler. Trains need to check their rails to make certain their infrastructure is up to safety compliance. As a traveler, you will see prices rise.

When Mercury enters Taurus on April 17th, things do start slowing down. Mercury forms an earth Grand trine on the day and the following day as it trines Pluto and Saturn. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th and another earth Grand Trine is created between the Sun, Pluto retrograde, and Saturn on April 20th (the day of the full Moon) and April 21st.

While the need to rush thing this month doesn’t completely end until Venus leaves Aries, you’ll feel life a little less frantic. People won’t push you for quick decisions. The stock market settles down for a few days. What is interesting is that this full Moon and the one that occurs on May 19, 2008, both have the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio. This means that the decisions you make around April 17th through April 21st will need to be re-evaluated in mid-May 2008. It also means that any negotiations you start now will not be fully completed until the 19th of May.

On April 23rd Venus forms its square to both Mars and Jupiter and April 24th when Mars opposes Jupiter. This is the height of the cardinal Grand Cross energy and it ends on April 24th. This is the final time period where people are trying to apply pressure to your decision making. It’s very important for you to consider your values before you agree to anything. If possible, wait until after the 24th to make any serious decisions regarding your future.

Economically these are not two easy days for the stock market or global events. Your frustration is actually a shared energy with the rest of the world. Events could flare up that make it more difficult to negotiate any forms of peace.

As the month ends there seems to be confusion about the direction you need to take. Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter and Mars forms a quincunx to Neptune on April 28th. On one hand you feel very optimistic that things are finally getting resolved, not only in your life but even economically. On the other hand, you’re watching changes in the world which you don’t really understand because they seem distant. So, will those changes impact you? Yes, they will. But how is still to be determined.

Because you don’t know how various changes impact your life, be very careful with any contracts on April 29th when Mercury forms a square to Neptune. People are not being honest with you on this day.

Finally Venus enters Taurus on April 30th. Venus likes being in its ruling sign of Taurus and it will form an earth Grand Trine with Pluto retrograde and Saturn on May 1st. With both Pluto retrograde and Saturn retrograde, the financial market can go either way. It might go into a contraction, meaning that various stocks will fall. Or, just the opposite: People may feel more optimistic about the economic picture and the stock market may actually do very well over the next two days.

What all this energy means is that you are getting a second chance to fix old problems in your life. You may feel rushed throughout the month. You may have to make some decisions before you’re ready. On the other hand, those opportunities that come into your life are there for you. Take advantage of them. Prepare for the future and realize that paradigm shifts can’t be stopped by you can incorporate them into your life.