January 2010: Internalize Your Needs

This is going to be an interesting month. Nothing really happens astrologically until January 11, 2010 when Venus in Capricorn forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node in Capricorn. Mercury, either in its retrograde motion or its direct motion does not make an aspect to any planet except the Moon. This is important because Mercury represents how you communicate with other people as well as any documents that you need to take care of. With Mercury “floating around” it isn’t easy for you to explain your needs to others. It’s also not easy for direct communications between people. It’s as if you and other people are talking at cross purposes. The same is true with documentation. You may lose important documents during this month only to find them in February. Or, you may forget to follow-up on important paperwork. Do the best you can to try and file all your documents so that you can keep track of them. If you want to use this energy in a positive way, try to bring out your creative nature. Open your mind to new possibilities. Keep a journal so that any insights you get are not forgotten.

This sense of floating will be the most intense between the start of the New Year and January 11th when Venus forms its conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. Why? Because the only aspects made during that time period are made by the Moon. If you feel insecure about aspects of your life, this will be a very emotional period. It can also be an inspirational time period as you get in touch with your feelings and let your creative nature rise to the surface.

January 11th will be a good day to reach out and express your feelings of appreciation for those people in your life who have given you support and enriched your life. When Venus forms the conjunction to the Moon’s North Node there’s a sense that what you want in the future can be achieved and you have people in your life that will help you. You are not alone. This same sense of love surrounding you occurs on January 13th when Venus forms a sextile to Uranus. Unexpected resources become available to you. Friends from your past re-enter your life.

A little later in the day, Saturn in Libra turns retrograde at 4 degrees. Saturn just entered Libra on October 29, 2009. As with any of the outer planets when it enters a new sign, Saturn moves into the new sign for a few degrees, turns retrograde, and re-enters its previous sign for a short time period. When the planet enters a new sign for only a short period, it’s giving you a “preview” of what will occur once that planet is fully in the new sign. When the planet moves back into its previous sign, you are given an opportunity for closure in certain aspects of your life. This period of retrograde before a planet re-enters its old sign is when you can review your life.

Saturn specifically deals with the structure of your life. In Libra, Saturn deals with the structure of your relationships. Look at how you’re living your life and its impact on your relationships. Consider whether you are taking enough time in those relationships. If you find that you’ve been isolating yourself, consider the reasons why. Did you grow apart from some of your old friends and no longer care to see them? Did you focus so much on business that you didn’t take the time to be with family and friends? Saturn will be retrograde in Libra until April 7, 2010 when it re-enters Virgo. Therefore, between now and April 2010, reach out to people in your life who are willing to support you in your endeavors.

The first eclipse of the year occurs on January 15th. This is a solar annular eclipse with both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn. It occurs just before Mercury turns direct. This eclipse moves through central Africa, the Indian Ocean, and eastern Asia. Part of the eclipse will also be seen in Eastern Europe and most of Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.

This is the 23rd eclipse of the Saros 141 cycles which began on May 19, 1613. The first annular eclipse of this cycle occurred on August 4, 1739.

This eclipse forms a conjunction to Venus and is very important to people who have a late degree Capricorn or Cancer Sun (meaning born around 13th to the 20th of January for Capricorns and 14th to 23rd of July for Cancers). If you know your astrology, and have any planets between 21 to 29 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you will also feel its impact.

In general, this eclipse has an impact on your finances. It also focuses on aspects of your job. In some ways you may find difficulty understanding what is expected of you in your work situation. Things will be unsettled with the employment situation.

If you’re a late-degree Capricorn or Cancer Sun individual, it’s important that you don’t take things personally. Circumstances may be happening that you have no control over. On a positive note, this eclipse can actually help you sort out things in your life that do cause you personal problems.

A few hours after the eclipse, Mercury turns direct and you’ll feel as if some things are beginning to move. Even though this is not the best month for communicating with others, you will find new facts emerging that help you make some decisions. The key is to remain flexible. With Mercury in Capricorn it’s too easy to become rigid in your approach. If you become too rigid, you’ll miss out on some opportunities which are still coming up over the next few months.

On January 17th, Jupiter enters Pisces. It will stay in Pisces until June 6, 2010 and move into Aries for a few months. On September 9, 2010, Jupiter will re-enter Pisces and stay in that sign until January 22, 2011. Jupiter is a twelve-year cycle with the planet staying in the same sign for approximately 13 months.

When Jupiter enters Pisces, it enters one of the signs which it rules. (The other sign that Jupiter rules is Sagittarius.) Jupiter is the planet which represents the need to stretch yourself beyond the normal boundaries set up by convention. The positive representation of this need to expand your boundaries is seen when you take information with a grain of salt and even question authority. However, the negative manifestation of this energy is when you believe so much in your actions that you justify behavior which can cause injury to others. Pisces represents the ability to understand subconscious motivations but it can also represent the ability to cloud your motivations with false perceptions. When Jupiter is in Pisces, it’s very important to be honest with yourself. It’s also important to pay attention to your dreams and find realistic ways to manifest them in your life. There’s a spiritual side to Pisces which even the strongest skeptic has difficulty ignoring.