December 2023 – Moving Forward Only to Turn Back

Important astrological energies for the month of December 2023:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 12, 2023.
  • Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 13, 2023. It will re-enter the sign of Sagittarius on December 23, 2023 and turn direct in the sign of Sagittarius on January 1, 2024.
  • Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21, 2023 and the Winter Solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer occurs on December 26, 2023.
  • Jupiter in Taurus turns direct on December 30, 2023. It went retrograde on September 4, 2023.

December 2023 – Moving Forward Only to Turn Back

By Misty Kuceris ©2023

There’s this sense that you need to keep thinking about everything over and over again. You want to make plans, but you still don’t have all the information. You want to move forward, but something is stopping you. You want to engage with others and go through life alone. Yet you know if you can’t get others to support your actions, you will do it on your own. So why do you keep trying to move forward only to find out that you have to turn back?

With Jupiter still in retrograde motion and Mercury preparing to turn retrograde on December 13th all your plans are still on hold while all you desire is to move forward. What happens is that a few weeks before Mercury turns retrograde it starts an astronomical phenomenon which I call a Mercury triad sequence. A Mercury triad sequence occurs when Mercury, a faster moving planet, makes three of the same aspects to a slower moving planet: First in direct motion, second in retrograde motion, and finally third in direct motion again. That means that the energy the two planets create with this aspect occurs three times. The first time it occurs you start thinking about how to implement that energy in your life, but something is missing and you don’t have all the information you need. The second time this aspect occurs with Mercury in retrograde motion, you realize that you need to go back and review your assumptions and decisions made. You also realize you need to make some changes because you didn’t have all the facts. Finally, when the aspect occurs for the third time and Mercury is in direct motion again, you have all the facts you need so you can move forward. In this case, the first Mercury sequence, Mercury forming a square to Neptune, occurred on November 27th, just a few days before December began. So you want to pursue your dreams at the start of this month but you’re confused as to the best course of action.

When Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn on December 1st, you take everything seriously. You don’t want to make any mistakes. And, you want people to understand you. At the same time, you express a sarcastic sense of humor which other people may find rather entertaining. You don’t suffer fools. You don’t put up with idiots.

Mercury turns retrograde on December 13th. Because Mercury turns retrograde later this month, it forms several Mercury triad sequences throughout the month of December. As a matter of fact, the first sequence actually occurred on November 17th. Now, on December 2nd, Mercury is forming a sextile to Saturn and creating the second of its Mercury triad sequences.

You continue to take things very seriously: Perhaps even more so. Since you don’t want to be misunderstood, you map out what you want to say before the words come out of your mouth. You also listen to the undertones of other people when they speak so you can understand their true intent. You are also willing to make commitments if you feel that will ensure success for any plans you have.

This is also a time period where you want to develop a plan of action. You want to start creating a foundation in your life. You understand the importance of taking your time which is good because this aspect will occur again on December 21st when Mercury is retrograde and finalize on January 18, 2024 when Mercury is once again direct. That means that when this aspect occurs for the second time on December 21st, you’ll be able to see how the building of your foundation is proceeding and what more, if anything, needs to be done.

You feel this intense desire to succeed on December 3rd as Venus forms a square to Pluto and Mars forms a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde. Whether it’s with your personal relationships or in your professional situations, you don’t want to do anything alone, but you will if you need to. You feel such a drive to succeed that you might alienate others as you push boundaries, perhaps even making the very people you need find difficulty in helping you. It’s difficult, especially with Mars forming that quincunx to Jupiter retrograde, to approach matters in a gentle manner. As a matter of fact, you may be moving so quickly that your very actions are sending out mixed signals to the point that people don’t know what you want or need. Or, you may be jumping from one project to another without completing the first. If at all possible, try to slow down today and take on one task at a time. Or, if you can’t do that, try to find a way to delegate the completion of some of these tasks.

Venus isn’t comfortable as it enters the sign of Scorpio on December 4th. That’s because Venus represents your desire to be loving and kind. But, when Venus is in the sign of Scorpio, you feel skeptical of others. You’re not sure if you can trust them. You don’t want to be taken advantage of. And, you also don’t want other people to make a fool of you.

In some ways being skeptical can also be an advantage. You don’t accept anything at face value. You question what others have to say. Once you know what that person wants, you determine if they are trustworthy. And, once you determine that someone is trustworthy, you do everything you can for that individual. You become protective. You become extremely loyal.

On December 5th, the day after Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, it forms a trine to Saturn. This is a day where you’re willing to make commitments, whether it’s to other people or to various projects. You’re able to determine where what projects have value and where you can help. You also find that making various commitments makes some of your own tasks easier because it becomes easier to engage other people in helping you. Basically, you understand the plan and what needs to be done. And your passion invites other people to feel the same way.

Neptune in Pisces turns direct on December 6th. It went retrograde on June 30, 2023. Neptune in Pisces is not a planet that promotes your desire to be out in the world. As a matter of fact, you feel better when you can just be on your own. So, when Neptune turns direct, you may feel a little put out and not realize why. You may decide that you are being forced to proceed with external mattes in your life when you’d rather just remain behind the scenes. On the other hand, you may also feel that it’s time to start living your dreams in a way that other people aren’t dictating your life.

You feel very optimistic on December 7th as Mercury forms the trine to Jupiter retrograde in this triad sequence. You have the opportunity to go back and correct some matters from the past. You also have a chance to re-evaluate your goals. While you may want to develop a plan of action and start the plan, it’s better to wait for several reasons. Jupiter is still retrograde indicating that there is something still standing in the way of your long-term goals. Meanwhile, Mercury will be forming a trine to Jupiter retrograde when it’s in retrograde motion on December 18th. That will be a great day to re-evaluate all your plans and delete the portions of your plans which just don’t work. You’ll know exactly which milestones to implement on January 19, 2024 when Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter for the last time in this triad sequence. Also both Mercury and Jupiter will be direct at that time.

Both Ceres and Venus form aspects to Jupiter retrograde on December 9th. Ceres forms a quincunx while Venus forms an opposition less than one hour later.

It’s difficult to make commitments or have others make commitments when there are tension aspects to Jupiter, especially with Jupiter in retrograde motion. With Ceres forming the quincunx to Jupiter retrograde, you realize the other person isn’t going to commit to any action today. They are vacillating and not letting your know why. For some reason, they don’t feel safe about the situation. Because they are also not communicating with you, you can’t figure out why they feel this lack of safety. You’re better off just moving on and not expecting any help from this individual.

When Venus forms the opposition to Jupiter retrograde, you realize you’re done: Meaning, you’re done with this individual. This person is not willing to work with you at all. And, all you’re getting from the situation is justification for why they’re correct and you’re not. Again, don’t bother. Don’t waste your time. This individual is on their own path and that path does not include you.

When the new Moon occurs on December 12th, you want to experience life through activities and other individuals. That’s because both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Sagittarius. Yet, you need to be a little cautious since this new Moon forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde. That means that unexpected information comes your way. You may rush into the world so quickly that you miss important details. Or, you may trip over your own feet and end up in an accident. It’s important, as much as you don’t want to, to move slowly and with caution. That’s especially true because the new Moon also forms a square to Neptune. Not all is as it seems. You’re not getting all the information you need.

Starting December 13th, you’ll have the opportunity to review what matters most when it comes to work. This is because Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Perhaps you were thinking about looking for a new job. Or, you like your current company, but want to do something more challenging. Or, you’re self-employed and it’s now time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy or even your target market. As Mercury continues in retrograde motion, it re-enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 23, 2023 and turns direct in the sign of Sagittarius on January 1, 2024.

December 15th is a great day for re-evaluation as Mars forms a trine to Chiron retrograde. Usually when Mars is in Sagittarius you just rush ahead without considering the consequences of your actions. You even justify your reasons why this rush is necessary. Yet when Mars forms a trine to Chiron retrograde there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right about rushing straight ahead. Perhaps you sense a trap. Or perhaps you actually saw something which could be dangerous if you proceed. Whatever it is, you decide that retreat might be in order. It’s not that you’re running away. Rather, you’re backing up until you reassess the situation and know exactly what you’re walking into.

Mars forming a trine to Chiron retrograde is also a great day for healing old wounds which occurred if you did rush into situations without considering the consequences. You may realize that you hurt some other individuals at that time and now you’re willing to apologize and make amends. Or, you may have actually injured yourself and now you realize it’s time to slow down and let that injury heal.

When Venus forms the quincunx to Chiron retrograde on December 17th, you’re not quite sure on how to proceed. With Venus in Scorpio privacy is very important and you don’t want to share too much information with others. Yet, by keeping information to yourself, you may actually cause more harm that reaching out and asking for help. When you try to do everything on your own, you find things don’t quite work out. Yet, when you try to reach for help, you don’t know how to ask. Perhaps this is a day where you’ll learn how to reach out to other people without being so clumsy that you stop before you reach.

This quincunx between Venus in Scorpio and Chiron retrograde in Aries could also indicate that secrets involving relationships or financial matters are revealed. You finally discover that truth about an individual who was deceiving you. Or you discover certain investments were not quite as safe as you thought. It may take some time for you to disentangle yourself from either relationships or financial matters which weren’t how they seemed, but with this quincunx you will find a way.

As Mercury retrograde forms its second trine to Jupiter retrograde in this Mercury triad sequence on December 18th, you think back to December 7th when this aspect occurred for the first time with Mercury in direct motion. At that time you found opportunities to correct some past problems while also re-valuating your goals. You decided to wait until today, the 18th, before making any serious decision. Now you’re reviewing if you’re on the right track. And, you’re willing to reject the aspects of your plans that you know won’t work. Still, with Mercury retrograde at this time, you accept the fact that you still need to do more research before forming your final plan. January 19, 2024 when Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter for the last time in this triad sequence you’ll finally feel that you have a plan of success.

The winter solstice occurs on December 21st. This is a time of celebrating the light as the darkest day of the year occurs in the Northern Hemisphere. On its own, the Winter Solstice can be very intense due to its nature. Yet this year the intensity is increased as Venus forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde, Mercury retrograde forms a sextile to Saturn, and Mars forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde all before the Winter Solstice occurs.

When Venus forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde you’re done with situations and people who aren’t generating the support you need to success. You’re tired of listening to their excuses. You’re also tired of making commitments to people who don’t feel the same way. It doesn’t matter whether this is in your personal life or professional life.

As Mercury retrograde forms the sextile to Saturn, you find that you are taking things seriously. On December 2nd, then this aspect occurred for the first time in this Mercury triad sequence, Mercury was direct. At that time you wanted to make commitments to causes that you believed in. You also wanted to make plans that could create a firm foundation in your life. But you felt something was missing. You weren’t sure of all the possibilities that could occur in your life. So, you decided to put off those plans and commitments until you got more information. Now that Mercury is retrograde you’re thinking about those plans and commitments again. Still, you feel something is missing. Perhaps other people in your life aren’t as willing to take those commitments as seriously as you want. Or, perhaps those people don’t share that same plans because they don’t quite understand your concepts. So you realize that you still need to take your time and understand all the possibilities before you make any permanent commitments. When this aspect occurs for the third time with Mercury direct on January 18, 2024, you will have all the facts you need to move on with your plans. You’ll also know who is willing to make similar commitments so you can have support with implementing your plans.

Realizing that you need to put off any final decision right now is emphasized as you feel that you’re being bombarded with too much information. With Mars forming the quincunx to Uranus retrograde situations are changing quickly. It’s difficult to keep up with all the new information. You feel you lack direction and this feeling is accurate.

After both Venus and Mars make difficult aspects to Uranus retrograde and Mercury retrograde forms a trine to Saturn, the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn and the winter solstice begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice (or summer solstice in the southern hemisphere) indicates that the last quarter of the astrological year is about to begin. With the last quarter, and the fact that Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, you want to evaluate the direction of your life. You need to determine if it’s time to move on. Perhaps it’s time for that new job. Or, perhaps you need to find a better balance in life as it relates to work and family.

With the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn you want to define your place in society. And this year determining your place in society is even more important than usual and is indicated by the Sun forming a conjunction to Mercury retrograde and a trine to the Moon and Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. As global events continue to unfold, you’ll be asked to give an opinion, even if you don’t want to. You will be put into a situation where people are going to ask you “why?” do you think the way you do. Suddenly you may find that you do start questioning your values or your perception of the world around you. If you feel confused, it’s all right to just pull back and turn this confusion into reflection. This reflection will serve you well as the Sun, Mercury retrograde, Moon, and Jupiter retrograde all form sextiles to Saturn. This indicates that you’ll find a path that leads you from this confusion.

Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on December 13th. That was the time to focus on balancing your work and your personal life. Part of the work focus was on the number of hours that you were spending on work vs. with family and friends. Now that Mercury retrograde is re-entering the sign of Sagittarius, the focus shifts to your goals. What do you want in your life. How do you find activities that support your spiritual growth. You may have trouble articulating your goals, but that’s all right because Mercury is retrograde. Instead let your mind wander as you think about potential goals. When Mercury goes direct in the sign of Sagittarius on January 1, 2024, you’ll have a better idea.

Understanding your dreams is so important on December 25th as Venus forms a trine to Neptune. Often people have dreams but they don’t know why those dreams are so important. But with Venus in Scorpio you do know. You remember things from your past which lead you to these dreams. And, with these memories you find a clarity to understanding your dreams.

At the time of the full Moon which occurs on December 26th, the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Cancer. You feel as if you can achieve anything, especially with the Sun forming a trine to Jupiter retrograde and the Moon forming a sextile to Jupiter retrograde. Normally with this energy you would just rush into situations without regard for other people’s feelings. If people are in your way, you’ll just push them out of the way. But with the Sun in Capricorn forming a sextile to Saturn and the Moon in Cancer forming a trine to Saturn, you are more conservative in your approach. You take a measured approach. This means that you calculate the odds for winning, find ways to engage other people to support your approach, and determine how to take your time methodologically. Both in the short and long-run you find you achieve much more than you expected.

A few hours after the full Moon occurs, Chiron turns direct. Chiron went retrograde on July 23, 2023. You may not experience an epiphany what Chiron turns direct, but you’ll feel as if you can finally move forward in your life because any pain from the past is getting resolved. It’s as if something heavy is released from your body even if you don’t know what that something is.

When Mercury retrograde forms a square to Neptune on December 27th, you think back to the dreams you tried to discuss with people in your life last November 27th when this aspect occurred for the first time in this Mercury triad sequence. At that time, Mercury was direct and you thought that people would be open to hearing your ideas and supporting your dreams. But now you realize they were just placating you. They didn’t necessarily support your ideas. They may have even thought that perhaps you were being too unrealistic but they were unwilling to share their thoughts. They just led you on. Now you realize that they weren’t as enthusiastic about your dreams as you are. Still, this is a good time to find out what they really think. They may have some legitimate concerns. If that’s the case you may not understand those concerns until January 8, 2024 when Mercury makes this aspect for the final time in direct motion.

Before Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 29th, it forms a sextile to sextile to Pluto. This is an aspect of passion. You feel a drive to succeed. You know there are opportunities out there and you’re ready to take them. You won’t let anything stand in your way. You also want people in your life to participate in your plans. You’re tired of doing things on your own.

When Venus enters Sagittarius you really feel as if you need to find your soulmate. Yet at the same time when Venus is in Sagittarius you have difficulties making commitments. That’s because you are always seeking something better. Or, if you make commitments it becomes one of those serial type of situations. You make a commitment with someone for a short time period until you think that you find something better. When you feel that you find someone better you move on to that individual.

It could be the same way with other aspects of your life. You seek ways to improve your world and your status. You don’t want anything in the way that makes it difficult for you to get to where you want to go. This could create some problems if you’re not careful, especially if you leave a good situation because you think you found something better only to realize that the first situation was the one you wanted. If it does create problems, you understand the implications of those problems are on January 1, 2024 when Venus forms a square to Saturn.

Within a few days, the year of 2023 will end. It seems fitting that on December 30th, Jupiter turns direct while on January 1, 2024, Mercury turns direct. In many ways Mercury and Jupiter are opposite sides of the same coin. Both planets represent the need to communicate. Both planets also represent the desire to create plans. Just how that occurs differs. Jupiter is the big picture while Mercury is the little tidbits. When Jupiter in Taurus turned retrograde on September 4th you may have experienced confusion about your value system or the direction you wanted to take in life. Or, you may have understood the direction that you want to take in life but situations and circumstances just seemed to get in the way. Now you’re ready to move on. You find that people are willing to support you. You don’t need to do any of this alone. And you’re ready. You don’t need to justify your behavior and plans; you just need to start putting them in motion. You may want to wait a few days until Mercury turns direct on January 1, 2024 to increase the energy for better momentum.

It also is fitting that when the Mercury triad sequences caused by this retrograde period end, it will end with Mercury forming a trine to Jupiter on January 19, 2024. At that time, both planets will work in harmony and enable you to find a way to develop your plans so you can finally move forward.

For this reason it is so fitting that the final aspect of the year is a trine formed between Ceres and Chiron retrograde on December 31st. There’s something metaphysically important when a calendar year ends with signs and symbols of healing. Things have been difficult throughout this year and Ceres in Sagittarius represents the desire for the world, and you specifically, to move on from the past and reach into the future. Meanwhile, Chiron retrograde represents the need to understand your own needs and let go of the past which stands in the way of a healthy future. Both indicate that through healing, you can bring more light and love to the world. You also don’t have to lose your own individuality when you take time to find your place in this world. You also don’t need to lose your spirituality as you find your place in the world. And you can begin to plan as you can begin to move forward.

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