Moon Void-of-Course: October 2019

NOTE: Times are all Eastern Time Zone in USA

VOC Begins Moon’s Final Aspect VOC Ends Moon’s Ingress
Oct 2 at 5:46 am Sextile Mars Oct 2 at 7:44 am Sagittarius
Oct 4 at 3:34 am Sextile Venus Oct 4 at 1:43 pm Capricorn
Oct 6 at 7:25 pm Square Venus Oct 6 at 11:42 pm Aquarius
Oct 8 at 2:26 pm Sextile Jupiter Oct 9 at 12:05 pm Pisces
Oct 11 at 5:55 am Sextile Pluto Oct 12 at 12:46 am Aries
Oct 13 at 5:59 pm Square Pluto Oct 14 at 12:24 pm Taurus
Oct 16 at 4:37 am Trine Pluto Oct 16 at 10:30 pm Gemini
Oct 18 at 10:14 pm Trine Sun Oct 19 at 6:43 am Cancer
Oct 21 at 8:39 am Square Sun Oct 21 at 12:28 pm Leo
Oct 23 at 5:14 am* Square Mercury Oct 23 at 3:29 pm Virgo
Oct 25 at 8:59 am Sextile Mercury Oct 25 at 4:20 pm Libra
Oct 27 at 4:22 am Sextile Jupiter Oct 27 at 4:29 pm Scorpio
Oct 29 at 1:34 pm Conjunct Mercury Oct 29 at 5:58 pm Sagittarius
Oct 31 at 10:29 am Conjunct Jupiter Oct 31 at 10:38 pm Capricorn

*It appears that the Moon won’t go void-of-course until 1:19 pm EDT because it will form a sextile to the Sun. However, the Sun is in refranation. The Sun leaves the sign of Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio before the Moon can form a sextile. To understand how this refranation operates, go to my article, Refranation in Astrology.

For more information on how you can use the Moon’s Void-of-Course (VOC) energies in your life, you can contact Misty Kuceris at or go to her website: or read her Void-of-Course  article.