MP3 Recordings of Past Lectures

NOVA Astrology Group offers a wide array of lectures. We realize that at times you want to attend a lecture but have a time conflict. For this reason, we offer MP3 recordings of past lectures for only $20.00. Once you order the MP3 recording, you receive a link to download the lecture within one week of placing the order.

Lecture Speaker Date
Numerology & Astrology Together: A Natural Partnership Tom Chaplin September 16, 2017
Mental Chemistry: A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones David Perloff October 21, 2017
Sedna and the Collective Conscious and Evolution Jennifer Gehl November 18, 2017
Trends for the Year 2018 Misty Kuceris January 20, 2018

For more information on MP3 recordings of lectures, either email us at or call us at 703.447.7150.